We'll help you to quickly understand ...will my design idea work? ...how much will it cost? ...how it will look? ...and how will it be done?

The process to discover your Workplace Strategy....

Working alongside you is our experienced design team, whose key driver is learning about your business culture and creating a work environment that reflects it. Discovering your Workplace Strategy, your interior spaces will contribute positively and successfully to your organisation. Competent, planned and with an eye for detail, our challenge is to exceed your expectations with a dynamic design that works!

  • Create a Concept...

    "I have an idea"... we get it on to paper for you.

    Step One is an initial obligation-free discussion where we can meet and listen to your story, learn about your business and how your teams work together. 


    From here, we take the information away and establish a design brief, prepare a site and organisation specific spatial and relationship analysis from which we then create a concept layout visual.

    This puts your idea into perspective and allows you to see how possible organisational changes can assist in making your workplace more efficient in the future.

  • Confirm your Budget

    "How much is my project likely to cost?" ... we help you decide if your dream is realistic.  


    Once a concept plan is on the table, we prepare a budget costing for every part of the project scope to determine a projected overall cost.


    Our detailed summary allows you to see a breakdown of the project's individual item costs and assist in key investment decisions. 


    At this point you can then make the decision as to whether or not you continue to step three and develop the design.

  • Develop a Final Design and Fixed Price.

    "So let's get down to the detail"...

    Once we are clear on what you want to achieve from a concept and cost perspective, we drill down further into understanding your workplace strategy, team requirements and future growth plans. 


    This allows us to refine the initial concepts to a developed design, produce working drawings, furniture and custom cabinetry models and determine finished surface textures, all from which accurate costings can be quantified from. 


    You will now have a clear picture of your project from design details to final costs, which you can make your final decision on.


  • Prepare Final Documentation and a Project Delivery Plan

    "Let's Roll"...


    A project well planned is a project half done - a detailed works schedule is prepared to ensure all design details are documented so your project can be executed effectively and efficiently.


    Managing all project elements, we ensure that quality and design integrity is maintained and is delivered for the agreed cost. 


    Managing all site works, you can have peace of mind that all risks and disruptions are minimised, allowing your dream to unfold!

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC BY 3.0